We offer chimney sweeping & inspections to a wide range of chimney’s and fireplaces.

Fireplace carries a very large selection of styles and sizes of protective chimney covers also referred to as caps. Chimney covers prevent entry of water, leaves, animals, birds and other debris into your fireplace or furnace chimney. Copper, stainless steel, galvanized steel, round, square, and rectangle are a few of the choices available.
Caps prevents rain from entering the chimney, causing damper and firebox rustleading to expensive repairs.
Caps will not allow birds, squirrels or other rodents to enter the chimney to nest.
Where certain wind conditions exist the cap will discourage down drafts.
What is a Chimney Sweep and Why Do I Need One?
A chimney sweep (or chimney cleaning) is the process of removing the creosote that accumulates inside the chimney and fireplace. Deposits of soot are extremely flammable and should be removed regularly to prevent a chimney fire. Regular chimney cleanings, inspections and maintenance should be performed on wood-burning fireplaces and appliance venting systems such as heating oil, natural gas and wood/pellet stoves by a chimney sweep. Even fireplaces that are rarely used should be inspected annually to ensure the chimney is free of creosote, soot, cracks or loose mortar and is safe for use.
Our technicians will also examine the fireplace (or appliance) and chimney and provide you with information regarding any problems or concerns discovered during the cleaning process.

Chimney relining is the most practical and affordable way to repair deteriorated or damaged chimneys. Chimneys can be damaged by a number of things such as settling, hurricanes and lightning but the most common form of chimney damage is a chimney fire. In addition to chimney damage, older chimneys may be unlined or their liners may be deteriorated to the point where relining is warranted

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