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Enjoy your backyard all year long with an outdoor fire pit or fireplace. Fire pits and fireplaces provide heat and added ambiance to your backyard. We offer a wide range of wood burning, propane and natural gas fire pits and fireplaces. With many different, sizes, styles and colors you can customize and outdoor fireplace to fit your needs.
For outdoor areas, another option for light, warmth and ambiance are outdoor fire pits. But while they serve the same purpose, there are instances where it is more ideal than outdoor fireplaces. For big outdoor spaces, outdoor fire pits work best. It allows for a large number of people to enjoy roaring flames with a campfire feel. This means a great venue for social gatherings and even a cookout. It is also ideal in open spaces where it can be enjoyed from all angles and where flames can continue even with some wind.
Outdoor fire pits are a great alternative to outdoor fireplaces with many styles and designs to choose from to enhance backyards or open commercial spaces. There are a variety of outdoor fire pits made of metal (cast iron or copper), ceramic and also brick or stone. Usually the latter are made built-in as a permanent feature in a property. For budget-friendly options portable units are the most popular. Cost-wise fire pits can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands. Like fireplaces they are available in wood-burning, pellet-burning, or gas options.

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